Barnes Associates

BarnesAssociates is an advisory and consulting firm that specializes in the security alarm industry. BarnesAssociates has advised on more than 260 alarm company acquisitions and financings with an aggregate transaction value in excess of $27 billion (including Apollo’s recent acquisition of ADT and Protection One).  Their long-term history and focus on the security alarm industry, combined with the activities surrounding their services provides them with a highly broad and deep understanding of the industry’s players, growth and operating dynamic, performance envelope, flow of capital, and valuations.

BarnesAssociates also runs the industry’s largest performance benchmarking programs, where companies submit their data on a standardized basis. Read more about this program below.

How AIM Performance Benchmarking Works

Benchmarking Benefits

  • Familiarization of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) the industry is standardizing on, and why they are some of the best indications of performance.
  • Periodic case studies and educational material that will help you learn how to use the metrics to drive better performance in your company.
  • A nuanced understanding of how the metrics are calculated and what influences the results.
  • Opportunities to connect with other AiN members to compare results and practices.
  • Access to future Best Practices programs which will provide a forum for AiN members to hear from top performers in specific metrics discussing how they achieve these results.
  • A quarterly report indicating how your company is trending and how you rank among other AiN members.
  • Periodic analyses by BarnesAssociates that shows overall industry trends across these metrics, and the comparable results of the larger players in the industry that publicly disclose their data.

Sales Contact

Contact:  Michael Barnes
Phone: 636.519.1905

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