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Iron Mountain (NYSE:IRM), founded in 1951, is the global leader for storage and information management services. Trusted by more than 225,000 organizations around the world and with an extensive global network of over 1,400 facilities, Iron Mountain stores and protects billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts.  To learn more about Iron Mountain, please visit us at:

Secure Shredding

Secure Shredding services from Iron Mountain allow businesses to safely and cost-effectively destroy paper-based documents and vital business records that may contain confidential information. The benefits of Secure Shredding are vast and include:

  • Protection of confidential customer and business information.
  • Reduced costs of managing information.
  • Proof of destruction.
  • Environmentally friendly recycling.

With customizable service options and an online self-service portal to manage your account, Iron Mountain offers a variety of Secure Shredding programs to meet your organization’s needs and budget.

Secure IT Asset Destruction

With Iron Mountain’s Secure IT Asset Destruction solution, you can free up office space and protect your information by destroying and recycling everything from computers to hard drives, flash drives, DVDs, phones, and more. Iron Mountain can help you:

  • Confidently manage your old, obsolete, or decommissioned IT equipment.
  • Ensure that all sensitive information has been completely destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Securely track your equipment through the destruction process.

 Let Iron Mountain help you manage your organization’s surplus of old and outdated IT equipment.

Record Storage

Record Storage services from Iron Mountain provide a local and convenient solution for offsite document storage and retrieval. Secure offsite storage can help you effectively manage documents, allowing you to:

  • Free up costly office space.
  • Reduce administration costs.
  • Increase security of stored documents.
  • Maintain convenient on-demand access to documents.

Iron Mountain offers a wide range of storage solutions that can be tailored to fit any business need. Pairing storage with services such as document scanning can help further improve your overall business efficiency and enable a more digital way of working.

For more information and special AiN Group pricing, please contact your dedicated Iron Mountain account manager.


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