Project Management Reinvented

Maxaware is a cloud-based project management solution specifically for businesses in the residential and commercial building industry. Consumer electronics and security alarm system integrators constantly struggle to track sales leads, generate proposals, manage vendors, execute workflows, track budgets, and closeout projects. Maxaware is an integrated solution that handles all these tasks through the entire project lifecycle.

Maxaware is the total package. It has a user-friendly shopping portal that seamlessly transfers data to your team’s project tracking environment behind the scenes. This includes client wish lists and interaction records that help keep everyone on the same page. Maxaware is completely web-based, freeing you up to access your project data from any location with an Internet connection. Maxaware includes a two-way connection to QuickBooks online. That makes transferring customer data easy and integration with the core business functions seamless. In addition, you get the peace of mind that all your files and customer information are secure through Amazon Web Services.

Why Did We Join AiN?

Maxaware innovators Kris Kaymanesh and Kesha Ullah are industry veterans who also operate Sight and Sound Systems, a custom integration company specializing in audiovisual, networking, and security systems. They discovered a consistent theme through their business experience and relationships with AiN members: Too much time and money are lost juggling multiple software applications to run the business! Many operations have one software package for sales and marking site plans but separate applications for project scheduling, invoicing, inventory, and storing historical data for future service calls. Multiple platforms require exponential double entry, consuming valuable time that could be used to increase productivity and profit. Maxaware is here to provide that all-in-one platform, at a discounted rate to all AiN dealers!

What Makes Maxaware Different

The biggest factor that sets Maxaware apart is its continuous improvement process. Sight and Sound Systems knows first-hand the challenges that system integration companies face. Through their direct relationship with Maxaware, Sight and Sound Systems serves as a resource providing insight to daily challenges and helping to tailor the system to support smoother business operations. Sight and Sound also acts as a proving ground for testing enhancements and updates before they are pushed out to all licensees, ensuring the user experience is the best it can be.

Save Time.  Work Smarter.  Maxaware.


$1990 $995 Startup Fee* 

(The startup fee that is required for every new Maxaware account will be reduced to $995 for every Ain user that signs up between the show and March 1st.)

*Startup fee includes a full training and on-boarding program, and importing preexisting data to make the startup process easy. 

Up To 5 Users

$270/Month (if paid annually)
$300/Month (if paid monthly)

6-15 Users

$49/User/ Month (if paid annually)
$54/User/Month (if paid monthly)

16-25 Users

$44/User/Month (if paid annually)
$49/User/Month (if paid monthly)

26-50 Users

$39/User/Month (if paid annually)
$45/User/Month (if paid monthly)

51+ Users

$34/User/Month (if paid annually)
$39/User/Month (if paid monthly)


"We started using Maxaware in 2006. Prior we had a terrible in house program that did not integrate every part of the business we needed.

Maxaware has been a great project management tool for WEBCO that allows us to ensure all tasks for a job get done. From sales to quality control, every task is distributed to the correct department. The online management capabilities save us time and allows quick and efficient schedule revisions. Whether we had a question or needed a custom task, Kesha at Maxaware has always been quick and friendly to deal with.

We have and will continue to recommend Maxaware."

Bill Thompson
Owner, WEBCO Security

Sales Contact

Contact:  Lauren Kaymanesh
Phone:  703-802-1200

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