Salez Toolz

An app for sales, and just a little more.

Salez Toolz is a sales intelligent software that sets a new standard by seamlessly presenting solutions, building budgets, and quickly closing sales. Through visually engaging pictures and symbol-rich icons, customers make their choice and sign-off, right on your tablet. Results are shorter sales-cycles, higher close rates and increased profitability. All this while collecting valuable customer information.

Why we created the app.

Salez Toolz was created by Mark and Susan Sipe, owners of Abacus Prime LLC, in 2005. As former Low Voltage contractors they determined that a typical sale required several meetings, followed by several hours creating bids. Convinced that there must be a more efficient process, Salez Toolz was created changing the sales cycle from days to less than an hour. Their team is comprised of experts in software, sales, custom design and business consulting. Salez Toolz was awarded “Best Software of the Year” at CEDIA 2014.

The Salez Toolz experience.

What makes Salez Toolz unique is its “Forward facing” design, in other words Salez Toolz was meant to face your customer. Product icons were thoughtfully chosen to quickly identify product types which when pressed, fills the screen with a lifestyle image of the technology solution you are presenting. Visually engaging product images help your customer imagine how your solution will fit their lifestyle, while the estimated installed price allows them to differentiate and establish value. With our unique “WOW” factor, your customers understand their choices and confidently make buying decisions.

AiN Quotes, a version exclusive to AiN members.

AiN board members successful with Salez Toolz suggested to AiN’s president, Stan Matysiak, that Salez Toolz become part of AiN’s select group of Business partners. Mark and Susan Sipe decided they’d take the app several steps farther and created AiN Quotes which in addition to substantial savings, also comes populated with many AiN Manufacturers, making implementation faster and easier. AiN Quotes comes with free training and access to our PRO-Services Group which will take your builder spreadsheet and transform it into an impressive Salez Toolz dataset.

“We proudly create software that helps businesses present technology solutions, increase sales, train salespeople and achieve great success.” Susan Jones Sipe, Abacus Prime CEO.

Sales Contact

Contact: Susan Sipe
Contact Number: 800.978.6650