Mapping Productivity to Maximize Resources provides a visualization of products and workflows by mapping the process between proposal and final invoice. By connecting Projects, Orders, Invoicing and knowledge of inventory locations, eliminates duplicated efforts to track down assets and verify inventory locations. When the scope of a project changes automatically creates ‘Change Orders’. TRX.iotracks products as they flow into, around, and out of your business. Hence the name “TRACKS-In-and-Out” or

Inventory by Location

The idea for or “TRACKS” emerged from industry experience. Every business strives for efficient inventory management to give them an edge over their competition. However most companies spend a vast amount of resources to locate or view an accurate listing of inventory by location. With Tracks you to see what is requested for current projects and locations of current inventory so you know exactly what items you need to purchase to fill current orders - all in real time.

Tracks can eliminate the unnecessary purchase of duplicate inventory by technicians in the field. How much time and money would be saved for each vehicle? Multiply by the number of vehicles… Multiply by the number of installs… Multiply by the number of days on the job… You don’t need to do the math because we track where every piece of inventory is located with our dynamic tracking technology and help you avoid duplicate purchasing. Saving time and saving money.

Nobody needs another layer of complexity in their business. Simplify.

We spoke with business owners and people in the field about their frustrations with overly complex, expensive systems, as well as listened to their needs around inventory location tracking and multiple point access to information. Our web-based software simplifies the process of sharing information across your entire business from the in-field technician and warehouse foreman to the administrators responsible for ordering, invoicing, and project oversight. Less really can be more.

Inventory verification with the click of a button

Scan items on location and verify the inventory count in the click of a button. Mark items as ‘Verified’ or ‘Lost’, and add notes corresponding to individual items. Reports are instantly accessible by managers logged-on at any location. makes your inventory verification a snap!

Stop wasting money.


"I really thought TRXio was going to make my day longer. It turns out that it paid for itself within 40 days and now affords me more time to work with my customers. Thanks TRXio."
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"My Industry is so complex that other software companies didn’t even want to talk to me. For small parts and complex orders TRXio really keeps things organized and accurate."
Eagle, Colorado

Sales Contact

Contact: Bryan Fronte or Reid Hanson
Contact Number: 844-TO-TRACK