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D&H Distributing is a leading technology distributor of IT and electronics offering end-to-end solutions for today's integrators and installers and your residential and commercial clients.

Starting in 1918 as a small business retreading tires followed by 97 years of distribution experience that spans the days of the first color TV, the first home PC and the first gaming system, D&H is rooted in the tradition of taking a hands-on role in helping our customers and manufacturer partners achieve their goals. Every customer, regardless of size, is given their own dedicated account representative who functions as your personal, knowledgeable industry consultant, working more like a partner participating in your ongoing strategy than like a salesperson.

D&H delivers a wide spectrum of products and multi-category selection across consumer electronics, A/V, home networking, computing, streaming devices, gaming, housewares, sporting goods and more. D&H brings a wealth of resources to AIN members including 4 North American Distribution Centers; the “Incentives” Dealer Rewards Program; Flexible Financing; “Green” eco-friendly skus and the “Deal Spot” portal to savings for refurbished products, overstocks and closeouts. Members can receive monthly catalogs, daily e-newsletters and regular promotions and conduct enhanced product searches, convenient order and extensive tracking on www.dandh.com.

Set up your account at no charge today by simply visiting www.dandh.com and clicking on the “Become a Customer” tab in the top navigation bar or the “Get the D&H Advantage” banner in the upper right hand corner. You’ll find this exclusive offer, a $100 American Express gift card when you make your first $1000 purchase with us.

Sales Contact

Contact: Damon Owens
Contact Number: (717) 255-7809
Website: https://www.dandh.com/
Email: ain@dandh.com


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