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As An AiN Group Dealer We Offer You Special Discounted Pricing On All Of Your Background Screening Orders.

GHRR is the premiere background screening company that provides fully integrated domestic and international background screening, drug testing, selection assessments, on-boarding, and talent acquisition solutions.  Representing Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 organizations, as well as many of the world’s largest privately held companies, we offer the best background screening, drug testing, and assessment solutions in the industry that enable companies to efficiently and economically assess, screen and hire the best candidates. We help businesses make the right investment in their most prized asset, their employees.

Our Promise to YOU:

  • Screening solutions at your fingertips delivered through one easy to use mobile interface.
  • More products in more countries with fueled by GHRR’s compliance engine.
  • Customized and branded solution with electronic signatures.
  • In-house customer service with optional dedicated account management.
  • Integration to most leading ATS solutions.

Fill out your basic information and a GHRR screening expert will be in touch shortly to schedule a meeting to discuss your specific needs and to give you your special discount pricing for being an AiN Dealer.

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Contact:  Leann Berte - Vice President, Business Development
Phone:  515-341-2141


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