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Although the AIN Live & Learn conference is a stellar event rewarding our dealers for their support by way of fun networking opportunities, world class food and entertainment all in a fabulous location.

AiN Group works hard all year to deliver you industry insights and valuable best practices shared amongst your peers.

We hope you’ll attend the 2019 Live & Learn Conference and spend productive time learning about topics important to your business and take home new ideas and ways to improve your company.

Topics At This Event

• How techs in field can take advantage of selling/upgrading customers

• What are companies doing to attract good employees

• ROI for advertising via local TV/Radio/Cable

• Maximize existing customer base:

• How to follow-up after the initial sale; how to upgrade after the sales

• Rehooks: Marketing strategy vs. competition (cable companies that get in and get the security sale because they are in there providing cable to customer)

• Working with First Responders and fostering better communications with First Responders (police, fire. Ambulance)

• What to do after an alarm(damage control)

Get Your Dance Moves Ready

Let’s have some Big Band, Big-Time-Fun Awards Night. As we look ahead to the roaring 2020’s why not, enjoy the look, the sounds and the dances of the 1920’s.

Need Some 20's Attire?

1920s fashion centered around the revolution of freedom in clothing and morals. Both men’s and women’s 1920s clothing broke out of the prim and proper mold of Victorian ideals and into free-spirited casual wear. Let's get ready to bring the styles of the 1920s to this year's event.