HAYMAN Safe Company, home of the highest quality safes on the market. We build a wide assortment of safes to meet a variety of needs for both commercial and home use. We strive hard to ensure the highest quality in our safes to provide your clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their valuables are protected.

Even if you can’t find what you’re clients are looking for, chances are we can build it. We have extensive experience in custom manufacturing a wide range of safes that vary in use, function, size and security.

A Message from the President;

Since 1970, when my father Bill Hayman began Hayman Safe Company, we have worked hard to provide to our customers a high quality and well designed product. I understand that because Hayman Safe Co. is a family owned company (and each safe bears our name) our safes represent not only our company but our family. For this reason, we will continue to improve the quality of our safes, broaden our product line and look for innovative and unique designs to meet the needs of our industry. I personally want to assure that, as we grow and our industry continues to change, we at Hayman Safe Co. will always remember that it is you, our customers, who allow us to continue to grow. Hayman Safe Co. will always strive to take care of your needs.

Gary Hayman, President

Sales Contact

Contact:  Dick DiVittorio
Phone:  (407) 365-5434
Email:  dickd@haymansafe.com