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CyberPower Systems is thrilled to be your ultimate ally in power. As a leading provider of PDUs, UPS systems, and rack products, we’re ready to supply AiN members with professional-grade power protection, industry-leading warranties, and the most responsive pre- & post-sale dealer support. We are excited to help our dealer partners meet the modern needs of AV security and the connected home.

CyberPower has been an ally in power since 1997. We design and manufacture uninterruptible power supply systems, power distribution units, surge protectors, remote management hardware, power management software, mobile chargers, and connectivity products. The company serves customers in the enterprise, corporate, government, education, healthcare, and small office/home office environments.

Meeting the growing power needs of businesses and people has helped our organization achieve worldwide success. As a true manufacturer, we are driven by a mission to deliver the highest standard of product quality, performance, and customer value in the industry. CyberPower products are available through authorized distributors and sold by value-added resellers, system integrators, managed service providers, select retailers, and online resellers.

Here are some of the products that may be of particular interest to AiN members:

  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs): We offer more than 100 PDUs to efficiently direct and manage power. From basic electrical pass-through to monitoring and managing individual outlets from multiple power sources, we can meet your home and AV system requirements.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): Our extensive line of UPS systems protect sensitive electronic equipment during power surges and blackouts. We carry standby, line-interactive, and double-conversion UPS models. With backup capacities ranging from 350 VA to 10,000 VA, we provide power protection for AV electronics, servers, and network equipment. Other key features include sine wave output (select models) energy-saving GreenPower UPS™ design, data-line protection, and power management software.
  • CyberPower Racks: Our rack products include enclosures, open frame racks, and wall-mount enclosures to manage and secure equipment and hardware in residential or commercial settings

With over 3,000 employees worldwide, we are ready to support your customers with superior quality rack and power options to make an install easy and leave customers satisfied. With a pricing advantage that drives profits and unmatched support, we give you the information and products you need to power your installs.

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Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

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AV & Server Installation Racks

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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Sales Contact

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Contact:  Eric Anderson
Phone:  (507) 382-4066
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