ipDatatel and Resolution Products have merged to form one great company.  We are the leading unified smart security company, which empowers partners to simplify the connected experience. Our flexible solutions enable our partners to efficiently deliver and adapt security to the needs of today’s modern home and business owners. Partners trust and rely on our flexible and complete solution to just work and help grow their business.

Why Choose ipDatatel + Resolution Products?  3 Great Reasons!

We give you three great reasons to start doing business with us as a registered dealer.

  • Save Money - Save Time
    Save money on your upfront customer acquisition costs.  No need to replace existing alarm panels with ipDatatel universal alarm communicators.
  • Reduce Service Costs
    Reduce service costs when you eliminate costly truck rolls with remote panel programming.  Time is money…your time, your employee’s time, your customer’s time.
  • Increase Your RMR
    Increase RMR by offering valuable add on interactive services and home automation.  Allow your customers to control lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and cameras.


“We partnered with ipDatatel as their solutions just work. They work with a large number of panels and provide unparalleled alarm transmission reliability. Ipdatatel helps us secure our customers with the flexibility of IP or cellular monitoring.”

Vince Raia - EMC Security


Sales Contact

Contact: ipDatatel Sales
Contact Number: (713) 452-2700
Website: https://ipdatatel.com/
Email: Sales@ipDatatel.com