Since 2011, QMotion has been manufacturing automated window coverings that are assembled in the United States and sold around the world by a network of premium dealers and partners. QMotion’s industry-leading product line includes motorized roller shades, honeycomb shades and motorized drapery rods that use standard D-cell alkaline batteries, are safe by design with no cords and can help reduce energy costs. The Qadvanced Roller Shades and Honeycomb Shades are the only automated products on the market that feature a patented manual override – this means you can tug on our shade and you won’t damage the motors or the shade. The Qadvanced Roller Shades are also available in a low-voltage option. And do you hear that? QMotion shades are quiet.

Our Technology

Designing with form and function in mind, QMotion sets the bar in innovation and brings technology in automated window coverings to a whole new level. For too long, safe cordless shades were not available for many homeowners. QMotion engineers created a motorized shade that is safe, completely cordless, quiet, beautiful and affordable for both commercial and residential use.

QMotion revolutionized how motorized shades operate, out patented technology allows the shade to glide effortlessly. Our design minimizes friction and reduces the amount of power needed to raise or lower the shade; therefore, batteries last for years longer than the competition. QMotion shades use standard alkaline batteries (size D). The new Narrow Shades use AA alkaline batteries.

Safe by Design

Made safe by design, QMotion is an industry leader in safety standards as all of QMotion’s motorized roller shades, honeycomb shades and motorized drapery rods are cord free. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the use of cordless window coverings in homes with young children and pets.

Easy Installation & Retrofit

In addition to the interior engineering of the shades, all QMotion products do not require endless hours to install. An electrician will not have to cut through the wall or rewire a system. With the motors and batteries incorporated in the shade tube or rod, the customer gets an easy to install window treatment system.

Energy Savings & Light Control

Partnering with QMotion will allow you to provide the most cutting edge technology in the window treatments industry. Our products are stylish, user friendly, and energy efficient. In addition, QMotion Shades contribute to the overall home energy utilities savings and light control.

Enjoy award-winning performance and convenience all rolled into one.

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Sales Contact

Contact: Gene Demestre
Contact Number: (804) 386-6574
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