Web Page Video House

Your best customer is a smart customer. One who knows what they want. With this video linked web page your customer can click and watch a short video of what they can expect in their new smart home. Yes, we all have video links we can send our customer to, but until now they had to jump all over the internet to watch 5-8 different product videos.

Now, with the Web Page Video House, you can keep them on your website and in about 10 minutes you will have an excited home buyer ready to say “Yes I want that”.

Residential Brochure

Your full-color, 28-page consumer marketing brochure will do its job, exciting your customers about all the home security, integration and automated easy living technologies you have to offer. You will soon see the advantages of promoting the most powerful brands in the industry. These are the brands consumers know and trust – making your job of selling easier!

FREE TV Safety Brochures

Receive 100 FREE TV Safety Tri-fold brochures with your logo when you open an account and purchase Sanus® and Chief® products direct from Milestone.®


On average, one child dies every two weeks when a TV or furniture falls onto him or her. Today’s tall and thin flat-panel TVs are susceptible to tipping off furniture when bumped or moved. Tipping TVs can cause property damage, personal injury or even death. The good news is these all-too-often tip-over incidents are easily preventable with the proper equipment.

Welcome Home Safety Guide

Building strong customer relationships today is more important than ever. In this easy to contact, social communication market place, there are more companies fighting for this customer relationship. And the best way to standout is to show you care about the customer beyond the sale. Be the security company that provides this book as a Thank You Gift at the sale closing and this is something they will keep. It sells nothing but good safety facts. Best of all, you may save a life!


Choose one of our templates or we can create something custom – it’s all affordable to AiN dealers.

Brochures for:
• Security  • AV  • Central Vacuum  • Remote Access 
• Tech Homes  • Specialty Products Brochures

Yes! When AiN Group brings a new product or service segment to our AiN dealers we know they will need marketing to be successful and capture more business from the customer.

Security offer 4Panel Brochures

The best way for your sales team to SELL the extra items is to SHOW them to the customer. No more – “I forgot to sell that item...”

This quick and easy reference sheet will show everything you offer for security to your customer. It shows an Essential and Advanced Security package option to your customer. An easy to read breakdown for your sales team – and customers. You can create any special combination of package offers.

Rack Card

As potential home buyers walk through the model home you set up for the builder, make sure you leave a great impression with this first class looking rack card. It will let the home buyer know everything you do and who you are.

Customized message and builder brand
Not only can you have personal messaging about your company, we can co-brand these with the builder’s logo too!

Enclosure Warning Seal

The label wraps around the side of the door creating a WARNING seal. So, if another structure wire or security provider breaks the seal, this will void the home’s structure wiring warranty. Currently, something to think about. But it will also void hundreds of dollars in valuable coupons – from you (which are inside the enclosure).

Enclosure Marketing

Let’s be honest, offers are not the only motivator when you’re pushing for more sales. But offers are and always will be a key force for opening new sales. Yes, they motivate all of us.

However, we can all get annoyed when these offers show up (unannounced) in your email. Key word UNANNOUNCED. But when someone hands you an offer face-to-face it’s almost always met with a smile and a “thank you”! And it’s the face-to-face that opens the way for FaceBook-to-FaceBook’s social network.

Controller Branding

This label looks so impressive it appears as if it’s factory applied. Your logo is professionally reproduced in a high gloss silver foil, on a white background. The white background blends the label into the controller faceplate or door. Then your phone number is printed in crisp black type for easy reading.  Just contact AiN Marketing for a sample – seeing is believing. It only takes a few minutes and the cost is very little to claim your customer.

Controller Activation Tag

Even if you have to pay your builder – don’t let this be your Hang-up. You have branded the controller so the home buyer knows who to call for activation. Now let’s give the home owner two good reasons to call your company:

  1. Adding your logo to the controller is a very powerful way to brand your company to the home owner.
  2. This controller activation tag offers the home owner FREE security system activation, training, setup and support.

Z-Wave and Pre-Wired Branding

Why not drive as much business as you can your way? The more the new home owner sees your name around the house the more chances you have to receive their call.

Any place in the home you can brand, we can make a professional label to brand it!

Contact the AiN marketing team and we’ll create a printed sample for your review.

Device and Outlet Tags

Receiving a new product without packaging would not seem right. Plus the manufacturers couldn’t tell us all the great things their products can do.

Dress-up your work. With these 12 different fun to read tags around a home at trim-out. The tech will install them.

Welcome Home Door Hanger

As your tech exits the home that they just wired (and branded with all the items in the “Home Branding Kit”) this custom door hanger is the last personal touch! The alarm is set protecting the appliances and other home contents, until the home buyer arrives. We know this is the first place the home buyer will touch. Make it your FIRST TOUCH and not your last. This door hanger tells it all in a friendly but cautionary manner:

• who you are   • how to reach you  • a QRC to your landing page  • a FREE offer to come over to show them how to work their new smart home.

QRC Label and Landing Page

We have the landing page ready for your logo, personal info and a new home buyer offer ready to link to your URL. Personalization of your landing page and linking to your website $400. Additional customizing and web support quoted on request.

Send us your URL and we can set up QRC labels to add to areas around the home. Places like the security enclosure, wall-plates, security controller or anyplace you can add technology to the home.

Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great way to meet consumers and builders, and when you own your own booth you won’t miss this opportunity. Just grab your booth and go.

This 8 x 10 foot self-contained display unit will be personalized with your company’s logo. The graphic display attaches to the booth structure and is printed on a heavy vinyl, protected with a thick lamination so this booth graphic will continue to look great for a long time.

And because you own the graphic, you’ll have it when you need it, whether you purchase or rent the booth structure.

Commercial Brochure

At AiN you can build your own commercial brochure 4 pages at a time. Just review the table of contents and select the sections you need. We’ll insert your company name and logo and you’re ready to print. The marketing team at AiN Group has reviewed the commercial products and services offered by AiN dealer companies like yours.

The outcome was brilliant. We developed pre-designed pages showcasing products and services which we can incorporate with your unique logo and bold splashes of color of your choice. Plus, this commercial brochure compliments our residential brochure, providing you with a matching set of marketing materials.

Whether you’re looking to expand into offering commercial services or you already do, we can design a brochure for you.

Direct Mail USPS

Today’s integrator faces marketing challenges. However building a preferred brand that rivals the “Big Box Store” by offering the advantage of a better Structured Wire Tech is one of our dealers most powerful offerings to the competitive home smart markets.

Today’s integrator needs marketing that will challenge the Big Box installer’s skill set and show how security integrator companies have a much larger product offering. You need marketing that will pull customers to your showroom and your website.

Gift Cards

This gift card can be used to purchase things from your company (it has no cash value). Attach the gift card to a letter and include an offer.

Then follow this up with more email offers to encourage them to use their gift card dollars.

Gift Cards are available in $50, $100 and $250 denominations. Call AiN Marketing for a sample.

ID Badges

Your customers will feel assured that the tech at the door is the right person. The ID Badge is personalized for each of your employees with their photo, company ID number, their name and personal work email address. It also has your logo and corporate contact information.

Printed in full color with the same image on both sides, this way “if it flips it still shows”.

Finally, the ID Badge is laminated on both sides to keep it clean, protected and professional looking. We can provide 2 ID Badges for each person, one to use and one to store for backup.

Email appointment ID notification

The ID Badges also come with an email appointment notification PDF that can be sent to the customer before the tech arrives. The email will show a picture of the tech and confirm the arrival time. If the customer needs to contact the tech for any reason they can send an email back to the company and the tech can be contacted right away.

Door Hangers

Security specials and even FREE equipment are great ways to get into more retro market sales. This is especially true in senior or high crime areas.  With today’s great online print/manufacturing deals, our dealers are paying less than 10¢ a door hanger – “not bad”.

Door Hangers for pre-wire homes Here is a way to go back and contact your list of pre-wired homes. Knock-n-hang, if no one is home!

Yard Flags

There is new business walking the streets everyday with plenty of drive-by looking. Especially in new construction areas and just where you’re working! Here is a chance to Flag them and tag them to your website with a QR Code image. It may not be enough to just have your truck parked out front. In new construction areas there are a lot of trucks. Stand out. And “Flag-Down” your new customers! This Outdoor Banner stands 12.5 feet tall and is 3 feet wide. They can be printed on one or two sides.

Custom Printed File Folders

Show them you care and that you’ll be there. Buying a new home is a paper work nightmare. And the last thing your customers need is another stack of loose papers.

This custom printed file folder is a perfect way to look professional and organized at the closing or in home activation. Plus the home owner has all your contact info, a list of everything your company can do and much more – ready and convenient for the home owner to keep in touch and on file.

Thank You Cards and Envelopes

The most successful and revered people in Philosophy and Business—from Plato to Zig Ziglar—know the power of gratitude. Books have been written on it. Entire subfields of Psychology focus on it. The conclusions are all in agreement:

Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. More relationships open the door to more referrals. MORE REFERRALS OPEN THE DOOR TO MORE SALES.

Gratitude is also as beneficial to you, the person giving thanks, as it is for your customers. Use the small bit of time it takes to say “thank you” after a sale with these handwritten notes, and see if it doesn’t pay dividends both for your self-esteem and your bottom line.

Builder Brochures

Add the wow factor to your next meeting with a builder. Stand out. Be remembered. Don’t just look like other integrators that meet with the builder and hand out their brochure. Because chances are, you will be the only integrator with a custom program and a branded brochure that the builder can use with the home buyer.

FREE Builder Meeting Brochures

Custom Brochures ready for your meeting in 48 Hours. A brochure with the builder logo and your logo endorses your partnership with the builder. This creates a more comfortable position for the home buyer too.

First 12 are FREE (4 page only)