2016 Live & Learn Recap

In January, more than 350 dealer members and partners gathered in Naples, FL, for face-to-face time with consumer electronics experts; a surprise performance by TV/film star and stand up comedian Henry Cho; and hands-on product demonstrations from industry-lea…

Never Miss A Sale, With Ring

When 1 out of every 5 AiN Group Dealer Attendees to our 2016 Live & Learn Conference say your product is the one ‘must-have’ product they saw at the conference, then it’s time to get excited! This is exactly the case with our newest AiN Group Partner, Ring. Ring’s family of products provide convenience by notifying homeowners of any visitors while also…

AiN Dealer Awards

“One of the main reasons for my professional advancement has been to try to learn from the best. At AiN I feel that I am surrounded by the best and brightest business owners in the Low Voltage Industry.” Ali Babazadeh President HabiTech Systems Inc.  

Home Security Also Means a Quality Safe

When thinking about home security most consumers tend to focus on securing the perimeter of their home. One thing is certain, consumers want peace of mind in knowing their home and their valuables are safe from forcible entry and loss due to fire.

AiN Integrators specialize in meeting these consumer’s expectations with top notch service and quality monitoring equipment &…

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