The GTO Wireless Driveway Alarm

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No False Alarms.

A driveway alarm is great to have, so long as it doesn’t give you an alert every time a squirrel runs across your driveway. The GTO® Wireless Driveway Alarm’s in-ground electromagnetic sensor detects vehicles entering and exiting driveway but does not detect people or animals, eliminating false alarms.

Peace of Mind.

The R4450 provides constant 24/7 driveway monitoring by detecting vehicles entering and exiting your driveway and alerts you with an indoor chime. The R4450 driveway alarm can be used anywhere you’d like driveway monitoring. It’s also ideal for monitoring parked boats, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs.

Sophisticated Wireless Technology.

The R4450 Wireless Driveway Alarm features much more sophisticated technology than other motion sensing devices. It has an electromagnetic sensor that only detects vehicles entering and exiting the driveway. It delivers up to a 400-feet. range from the indoor receiver to the driveway sensor/transmitter. The driveway sensor comes with a sensitivity adjustment (3-12 feet. radius) that reduces false signals from neighborhood traffic.

Easy Installation and Set-up.

The driveway sensor/transmitter requires two AA alkaline batteries (not included) and the indoor receiver comes with and AC transformer. The receiver can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface. The R4450 is multiple base station compatible so you can place indoor receivers in several rooms of your home, workshop or garage.

Highlights of the GTO® Wireless Driveway Alarm (R4450)

• Provides driveway monitoring for home, business or property.

• Wireless range up to 400 ft. from driveway sensor to indoor receiver.

• Indoor chime announces visitors or unwelcome guests.

• Electromagnetic sensor only senses large metal objects, avoiding false signals due to animals, children or wind.

• Up to 400-foot wireless range from indoor receiver to driveway sensor/transmitter.

• Electromagnetic technology detects vehicles entering and exiting driveway, and alerts you with an indoor chime.

• Does not detect people, animals or wind.

• Adjustable code settings eliminate the possibility of interference from neighbors’ driveway alarm.

For more information please contact Bruce Buehler at 800.543.4283 x60328 or www.gtopro.com

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