The Benefits

With a commitment to quality over quantity, Metra Home Theater Group continues to be the leading manufacturer of installation accessories for home theater, security surveillance and custom integration. For more than 70 years Metra Electronics has continued to design, engineer and produce the most innovative products in our industry. What started with the Ethereal Home Theater brand of HDMI® cables and installation accessories, and has now grown to encompass hundreds of products and time-saving solutions under the Metra Home Theater Group name. Metra is known for designing problem-solving products specifically with the installer and end user in mind. From the simplest of parts like connectors and splitters to the most innovative HDMI® solutions, Metra Home Theater Group’s cutting edge technology has customers covered.

Metra is one of our best partners. They are always willing to help in any situation. Whether that be technical support in the form of training for employees or in those sticky situations when you need a 3rd party expert to help resolve a situation. We have been doing business with Metra for over 5 years and I can honestly say they are a true partner of ours and would recommend them to anyone.

Jake Roane

HomePro Operating, LLC

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Jessy Crabb