The Benefits of OBerCloud

OberCloud is a network of industry professionals specializing in security, video surveillance, and IP networks working together to create safer communities and workplaces.

A powerful and flexible cloud-based video management system (VMS), OberCloud was designed for installing and servicing partners; allowing them an additional channel to increase their recurring monthly revenue. It can easily be scaled from a single camera to hundreds of cameras across multiple sites, making it the perfect fit for residential, small business or commercial applications.

OberCloud is an open solution and is compatible with a variety of IP cameras and encoders from leading brands including Acti, Axis, D-Link, Dahua and Vivotek. OberCloud also provides a private line of devices which offer many unique benefits including a limited, lifetime warranty. A powerful feature of OberCloud is its ability to display an unlimited number of sites, with an unlimited number of cameras at the same time on the same screen. No more having to open additional windows to view other cameras.

Every camera can be configured independently. Imagine having one camera record and store video events for 10 days, and sends a user a push notification to their mobile device while another camera stores video for 30 days, and sends an email notification. Any combination, at any time from any browser or our free mobile app (iOS and Android).

For detailed information on the OberCloud Partner Network, visit www.Network.Obercloud.comFor general consumer information visit www.Obercloud.com.

Cloud Video Solutions

M341W Mini Dome

C101W Cube

B221W Bullet

V401P Vandal Dome

Jeff Vollmar

Phone: 833-OBERCLOUD (Ext 101)

Email: JGVollmar@OberCloud.com

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