The Benefits

WaterCop Systems are automatic whole-house and point-of-use devices designed to automate the control of plumbing systems in the event of failed appliances or leaking fixtures. Logically placed sensors detect potential flooding and signal the WaterCop main control valve to close. Simple to spec into new or redesign projects, WaterCop communicates with auxiliary devices for control and alarm monitoring. From basic on/off to detailed monitoring and feedback, WaterCop offers your customers a time-proven, USA manufactured, water loss mitigation solution to help protect against a home’s most persistent and often ignored threat.

The WaterCopPRO Integrated system is truly an innovative and ideal product for our customers. Home automation is extremely popular and this system allows them to work together. No longer do we have to be concerned with a wireless signal between the control panel and actuator. I can always count on WaterCop to make their equipment reliable and cutting edge. We have used some type of leak detection system for over 20 years. We have yet to find one better than the WaterCopPRO Integrated system and we have looked at them all.

Doug Sparks

Leak Protection Systems


Over one million homes in the US experience water damage each year. Stopping leaks when first detected reduces significant water damage and expensive property loss. Building on decades of innovation, DynaQuip Controls proudly offers the expanded WaterCop® family of industrial and residential shut off products to protect your home or commercial building from catastrophic damage.

J. Rodney Bryan, JR.

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