Post-Conference Follow Up

Post-Conference Follow Up

Written by: Paul Flannery

January 7th 2019

Although this year’s Live & Learn event came as fast as it went, the resulting relationships can be long lasting. For many, talking shop and exchanging market insight comes first hand. It’s easy to build a connection with someone who has similar interests. The more challenging part is maintaining those connections, allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship to grow. Here are a few tips to help with post-conference follow up.

Timing is Everything

Conferences are as chaotic as they are exciting. It’s easy, and common, to forget important details when you’re in such an energetic environment. It’s important to separate yourself from others, during certain times, and have a plan of how you will keep notes and follow up. An effective way to do this is with an immediate email. If you make a connection, send a quick note from your phone with a subject line that references the conversation. After the conference, follow up with those sent emails to keep the relationship moving forward.

Follow-up with Everyone

Though, in a conference environment, it’s not realistic to fire off an immediate email to everyone you meet or every connection you make. Hopefully, you’ve sent out a few to high priority contacts. Beyond those, it’s also important to contact the rest of your connections as quickly as you can. Shortly after you have debriefed from the conference, send out a follow-up email while memories are still fresh. You can even create a template before the event that you can use as a post event email. It is important to personalize the emails and relate it back to the conversation you had, reminding them of the connection you made and the mutual interest you shared.

Utilize your Existing Network

Inbound business is just as important as outbound referrals. Be sure to respond to those connections who follow up with you. If someone requests an introduction to a business or partner, be sure to respond and facilitate whenever you are able. Helping someone now could help you in the future. You can build valuable relationships by referring people to your network.

Making the most out of your new network occurs within the weeks following the event. Be sure to utilize these tips and continue the dialogue with your connections. You may be surprised at how far of an impact you can have on your business, and the people you’ve connected with, by simply staying in touch.