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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“AiN Group … exists to truly develop and improve on our industries best practices, product offerings and challenges.”

Stuart Forchheimer

HS Technology Group


“One of the main reasons for my professional advancement has been to try to learn from the best. At AiN I feel that I am surrounded by the best and brightest business owners in the Low Voltage Industry.”

Ali Babazadeh

HabiTech Systems Inc.


“Our association with AiN gives us the latest in innovative technology and allows for an open exchange of ideas with fellow members.”

Clark Mulford

Phoenix Systems


“This event was no sacrifice at all – quite the opposite. The amount of knowledge gained at the event plus the exposure to new products and industry trends combined with the comradery we feel by being there together is very worthwhile! We all came back inspired and our business is improving because of our attendance.”

Jorgia McAfee

Crime Prevention Security Systems


“I have been a part of many programs and associations throughout my 37 years in this industry. Without any doubt, the GE Home Technologies program, managed by the AiN Group, has set a new standard within the residential integration business.”

Russ Cersosimo

Guardian Protection Services


“Bruce Buehler from GTO is an honest, trustworthy person who is an honor to work with. A few years ago, someone had approached Jeff about wanting an electronic gate opener when they upgraded their facility. A couple of weeks ago, that customer informed us they would soon be ready for the gate opener. When Bruce was called to discuss pricing, availability and such, Bruce learned this was going to be a man gate. Bruce cited the UL ruling that prohibited electronic opening man gates. Jeff immediately met with the customer to explain the UL ruling and the customer was very thankful and is going to revise their facility requirements.

Bruce lost a sale due to his information, but gained credibility with the customer and us. We are very grateful for what he did and thought you should know. Bruce deserves more than just a thank you from Alert Alarm Systems in Paducah, KY but at this time, that is all we have to offer. AIN deserves to know who they have representing them from GTO/Access Systems – an impeccable person!”

Deborah Brandon

Alert Alarm Systems, Inc.

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