Consumer Financing Assists in Increasing Profits

AiN’s exclusive consumer financing partner, The HELPcard knows consumers are increasingly savvy when it comes to making purchases on credit. The number of industries offering retail consumer financing options has increased. These options are helping consumers get what they need while also realizing their own financial goals. From home improvement to dental work to funeral services, consumers now expect a retail consumer financing option everywhere they go.

Rather than dive into a high interest, long-term debt situation like you’ll find with big banks, consumers are looking for shorter-term, in-house financing, or financing offered seamlessly through a third party. More customers could be filtering through your doors if other options were available. Your customers are looking for businesses that make it easy for them to make a purchase on credit. However, if you ask your potential customers to go searching for their own financing, the chances are good that they’ll walk away, because financing can be a confusing process and potentially embarrassing for those who have marginal credit scores.

You need to partner with a third party that offers seamless consumer financing options for your clients – options that involve little to no work on their end and a high likelihood that they’ll be approved. This is best accomplished by partnering with a non-traditional financier that specializes in products for non-prime consumers. Using financing can actually increase the volume of sales you make month in and month out.

This happens for a few reasons, the first of which is that the cost of your products and/or services that are just out of reach of the average consumer have a greater chance of becoming a sale with consumer financing. Another reason is that businesses that offer a financing option see greater customer satisfaction, which turns into more loyalty and return business. You need to choose the right lender to help you out in this area. Choose one that is familiar with your industry. Choose one with a business history that is completely visible and open for evaluation. Remember, this is the company that will likely have direct contact with your valued customers, so you want to make sure they’re completely ethical and capable of extending the same kind of customer service you provide.

The HELPcard is a company that serves prime and near-prime consumers who want to do business with you, but don’t quite have the cash on hand necessary to make the transaction. Our company has more than three decades of experience in helping merchants just like you attract more consumers. Our programs are actually tailored to suit the needs of individual customers. Contact us today and find out how we will approach your situation.

For more information call 877-834-0550 or visit us at www.helpcard.com.

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