Active Guardian


Active Guardian was founded in 2019 with Doug Pierce as CEO and Brad Jarrett at CTO. At Active Guardian our mission is to provide real time intel to first responders during an active shooting situation to protect employees, customers and patrons. Our groundbreaking technology has culminated in our flagship product, The Sentinel.


The Sentinel is a gunshot detection system that can determine if a gun has been fired within 500 ms through our patented concussive force recognition technology, and seamlessly reports it to your VMS, CCTV and alarm systems. Our solution also identifies the shooters physical location, can lock or unlock doors, and sends footage directly to first responders within seconds of a bullet being fired from the chamber of any firearm.

The advantages of using Active Guardian’s Sentinel compared to our competitors is the range of detection it provides (7 times the area of our competition), the ease of installation and integration as well as the price. The device can detect a gunshot within a 75 foot radius in all directions, covering over 17,600 square feet which equates to a nearly 25% increase in coverage, while our small single site solution offers a near 50% increase in coverage vs. our competitors. In terms of installation, as long as our customers operating system supports Bluetooth or USB it supports Sentinel and can be integrated into existing alarm and security systems. We produce the most secure and easy to use threat prevention solution on the market.

Active Guardian is a technology driven team, working to save lives. Our executive team is made up of industry experts who have a proven track record and it’s our passion to make a difference in the security industry. We’re dedicated to providing industry leading technology solutions to ensure the protection of all against active threat situations.

Company Contacts

Doug Pierce

Chief Executive Officer


(262) 490-7457

Mark Chekos

Account Executive East


(678) 477-3390

Scott Crown

Account Executive West


(916) 425-2369

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