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Your Industry is Our Industry.

We know and love the custom electronics and security industries. We also have a passion for marketing. Put the two together and you get a truly unique and powerful combination. You get a team that understands you, your services, and your end customers like no other marketing company in the world.

Relidy Marketing started in 2008 by former lighting control manufactures and security and audio video integrators who noticed a need for better marketing solutions in this industry. Now made up of graphic designers, software programmers, engineers, and marketing experts, the Relidy Marketing team is your solution for web+seo, print design, vehicle graphics, email marketing, apparel and much more.

Every day, around the world, more and more industry professionals are contacting Relidy Marketing to assist them with their marketing efforts. Many have been turned off by the usual local marketing resources that offer graphic design services but don’t know the first thing about our industry, much less how to effectively promote and market to it.

There’s simply no need to explain to us what “Distributed Audio” is or how “CCTV Cameras” work. Relidy Marketing has you covered with 100,000+ industry related images and professionally written content available for use on any project. We also know what works out there in the field and what doesn’t. Now, that’s insight you won’t find from the “local guys”. That might also explain why over 80% of Relidy Marketing clients return to become long term partners.

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Sean B.

“These guys know their stuff and provide a professional looking product at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the industry that is looking to add credibility to their business.”
Joe N.
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Sales Contact

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Contact: Sean Busha
Contact Number: 877-759-4440 ext.204
Website: Relidy.com
Email: sbusha@relidy.com


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