Rokkitwear is an online apparel store service custom-configured to your brand identity. Your brand identity is what your customers can see. Unifying that identity through all the visual elements of your brand is one of the most important things you can do to promote your company and establish a trusting relationship with your customers.

At Rokkitwear, we understand how just the right apparel choices can communicate what your business stands for. We have the tools and the expertise to match your existing brand assets with apparel that complements and amplifies your brand identity. With a well-curated apparel line, you can stand out from the crowd and be more recognizable to your customers. In other words, Rokkitwear will fuel your brand.

Rokkitwear can handle orders large and small; our minimum order quantity is a mere six pieces. We work fast, with a one-week turnaround, and we will make sure you are getting not only the highest quality apparel, but also that which is best suited for your needs. We can build an online store for you so that all your apparel options will be in one convenient and simple to use place. Contact us today and find out exactly what we can do for you.


“Rokkitwear understands the power of apparel choice to influence customer perceptions.”

Sean Halloran
Sr. Director Residential Division, Guardian Protection Services

“Rokkitwear provides Guardian with a consistent experience, high quality apparel, and extremely fast order fulfillment.”

John Piroli
Sr. Director, Guardian Home Technologies

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Contact:  Chris Berger, C.E.O.
Phone:  513.378.1002

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