Residential Brochure

Your full-color, 24-page consumer marketing brochure will do its job, exciting your customers about all the home security, integration and automated technologies you have to offer.

Commercial Brochure

We developed pre-designed pages showcasing products and services which we can incorporate with your unique logo and bold splashes of color of your choice.

Builder Brochure

Add the wow factor to your next meeting with a builder. Stand out. Be remembered. Don’t just look like other integrators that meet with the builder and hand out their brochure.

FREE Builder Meeting Counter Sign

It’s “show time”! You enter the builder meeting room, counter sign under your arm. They look, “what’s he carrying”. You pull a custom brochure from the clear pouch, and you wait for the “wow”

Twelve Page Builder Brochure

With a builder relationship established it’s time to create that expanded home buyer options brochure with both logos, your’s and the builder’s.

Welcome Home Safety Guide

Be the security company that provides this book as a Thank You Gift at the sale closing and this is something they will keep. It sells nothing but good safety facts.

FREE TV Safety Brochure

Receive 100 FREE TV Safety Tri-fold brochures with your logo when you open an account and purchase SANUS® and Chief® products direct from Milestone.®

Enclosure Marketing

Let’s be honest, offers are not the only motivator when you’re pushing for more sales. But offers are and always will be a key force for opening new sales.

Rack Card

As potential home buyers walk through the model home you set up for the builder, make sure you leave a great impression with this first class looking rack card.

Web Landing Pages

If you’re contacting current customers or reaching out to new ones you should include a link to a unique landing page. Today including your website link is not enough.

Interactive Smart Home Video

Video marketing will increase awareness of the full range of services you offer to your customers over-and-over again! Let them sit back and tour your Smart Home options.

Estimating Brochure

We will create your master pdf document for you with the products you are offering for a builder‘s home buyer. You simply type in the prices and then email it out.

Enclosure Warning Seal

The label wraps around the side of the door creating a WARNING seal. So, if another structure wire or security provider breaks the seal, this will void the warranty.

Controller Branding

This label looks so impressive it appears as if it’s factory applied. Your logo is professionally reproduced in a high gloss silver foil, on a white background.

Controller Activation Tag

Even if you have to pay your builder – don’t let this be your Hang-up. You have branded the controller so the home buyer knows who to call for activation.

Z-Wave and Pre-Wired Branding

Why not drive as much business as you can your way? The more the new home owner sees your name around the house the more chances you have to receive their call.

Device and Outlet Tags

Don’t just wrap-it-up, dress-up your work. With this 13”x19” sheet you can add 12 different fun to read tags around the home at trim-out. The tech will install them.

Welcome Home Door Hanger

As your tech exits the home that they just wired (and branded with all the items in the “Home Branding Kit”) this custom door hanger is the last personal touch!

Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great way to meet consumers and builders, and when you own your own booth you won’t miss this opportunity. Just grab your booth and go.

Direct Mail USPS

Today’s integrator needs marketing that will challenge the Big Box installer’s skill set and show how security integrator companies have a much larger product offering.

Gift Cards

This gift card can be used to purchase things from your company (it has no cash value). Attach the gift card to a letter and include an offer.

ID Badges

The ID Badge is personalized for each of your employees with their photo, company ID number, their name and personal work email address. It also has your logo and contact information.

Email Appointment ID Notification

The ID Badges also come with an email appointment notification PDF that can be sent to the customer before the tech arrives. It will show a picture of the tech and confirm the arrival time.

Yard Flags

It may not be enough to just have your truck parked out front. In new construction areas there are a lot of trucks. Stand out. And “Flag-Down” your new customers!

Custom Printed File Folders

This custom printed file folder is a perfect way to look professional and organized at the closing or in home activation. All the home owner’s important papers in a custom file folder.

Thank You Cards and Envelopes

Gratitude opens the door to more relationships. More relationships open the door to more referrals. More referrals open the door to more sales.

Custom PocketVaultTM RFID Card

This PocketVaultTM RFID Data Blocker Cards is available with your custom printed logo and messaging. A card that protects your valuable banking identity!

Please Note: the AiN Group marketing team will work with you regarding our ability to insert additional products into your custom marketing materials. However, we cannot remove or compete with the brands and products that are under currentcontract with the AiN Group. These are brands selected based on our AiN dealer needs, and by promoting these brands we can maintain low cost marketing for all our AiN dealers.