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Jan. 6th  |  Feb. 3rd  |  March 3rd 
April 7th  |  May 5th   |  June 2nd

Wed, April 7th

Online 1-3 pm ET

Keynote Speaker: Gair Maxwell

“Big Little Legends”

How Everyday Leaders Build Irresistible Brands

Discover that you don’t need be a huge company with a massive marketing budget like Procter & Gamble or Coca-Cola to have a huge impact with your brand. Exploring how legends are created in the first place, Gair reveals how anyone in any business or non-profit category, can create a brand reputation that makes them so top-of-mind iconic, they become the equivalent to being the “Apple”, “Disney” or “NIKE” of their competitive space.

Best Business Practices Topic: Builder Education

3G / CDMA Sunset, What’s Your Game Plan? & What are your fellow AiN Dealers doing?

Wed, May 5th

Online 1-3 pm ET

Keynote Speaker: Chuck Davis


Internet-connected systems and data cyber-threats are on the rise

Chuck Davis, a cybersecurity veteran for 20 years has worked in a variety of technical and management roles in the cybersecurity field. He has architected, designed and deployed many solutions including, Data Loss Prevention, Network Access Control, Malware Defense, Computer Forensics, Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS), twofactor authentication, and secure, crown jewel source code development. Davis will discuss the effects of cybersecurity in our industry.

Best Business Practices Topic: Recruiting, Hiring, Training & Termination

Hear how top integrators are handling this shortage of skilled employees in 2021.

Wed, June 2nd

Online 1-3 pm ET

Jessy Crabb & Amy Wesely

Best Business Practices Topic: Healthy Home/Wellness Revenue Diversification

2020 brought heightened awareness to the role of the home in the safety, security & well-being of families. Today’s buyers are seeking cleaner indoor environments, safety features throughout the home, and lighting, temperature, and sound controls that can enhance or change our moods. Amy & Team O’Malley will present new home data to support the buyers’ desire for these features. Tying the healthy home theme together with products that are available through the AIN group to help you sell more.

Revenue Diversification: Jessy Crabb discusses how your business can start enlarging or varying its range of products or field of operation and benefit from growth through diversification and by identifying new product or service opportunities.

Wed, Jan. 6th

Online 1-3 pm ET

Keynote Speaker: Elliot Eisenberg

“Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows: The Economy in 2021”

Dr. Eisenberg is a renowned keynote speaker mastering topics including: economic forecasts, economic impact of industries such as homebuilding, consequences of government regulation, and other current economic issues. Join Elliot as he discusses his projections and predictions of the economy in 2021!

Best Business Practices Panel Topic:

Introduction to the Topics that will be presented over the next 6-Online Best Business Sessions.

Wed, Feb. 3rd

Online 1-3 pm ET

Keynote Speaker: Tim Costello

“Striving for Growth and Thriving in the Post COVID World”

Tim’s digital marketing presentation was a big eye opener, now he speaks to how COVID shook our world and has been responsible for a massive resetting of the table. Tim invites us all to peek into the future, it may just give you the courage to embrace the new normal and build a more prosperous future around it.

Best Business Practices Panel Topic:

National Builder Program.

Wed, March 3rd

Online 1-3 pm ET

Keynote Speaker: Michael Barnes

“State of the Security Industry”

AiN friend and industry expert, Michael Barnes, returns to present informative figures and insightful research. Michael’s presentation includes topics relative to your business including industry revenue growth and its drivers; structure, changes, trends and drivers; industry operating dynamics and business models; indications of potential market disruption; new technologies; and valuations of security alarm companies. Mark your calendar for this enriching presentation!

Best Business Practices Panel Topic:

Maximizing RMR with Production Builders through Technician Sales Training & Revenue Diversification.

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